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React Native Development

abra Web & Mobile specializes in hybrid app development in React Native, which are compatible with all mobile operating systems. Using React Native, we provide our clients with high-quality hybrid products that saves them development time and money.

A few words about React Native development

React Native is a JavaScript-based development platform established by Facebook to develop hybrid apps that can work on all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Since its inception in 2015, React Native has become immensely popular, and it's easy to understand why. React Native is a highly reliable development platform that comes with a wide variety of tools. It offers a legitimate substitute to native app development, which, despite their proven advantages, are more expensive and take longer to build.

What are the advantages of React Native development?

We're happy you asked! First of all, it’s worth knowing that until several years ago, it was virtually impossible to develop a hybrid app that could work great across all platforms. In this respect, one can say that React Native has sparked a true revolution. Why a revolution, you ask? Because developing one app for all mobile platforms means you can rely on one development team from start to finish (instead of at least two – one for the iOS app and another for the Android app). It also means that the app development process is not nearly as expensive or time consuming – without compromising on quality.

There are more advantages, of course. React Native is a seasoned platform with a proven track record. In addition, it comes with rich library tools and is supported by a vast community of developers who can be relied on for useful information and help at any given moment.

Where Do We Go from Here?

React Native development is more than an expertise. It's a way of life. Want to hear more about our React Native capabilities? Let's talk. We'll be happy to get to know you and understand your unique needs.

What kind of applications should I use React Native for? And for whom?

React Native allows organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to develop hybrid apps that are large, small, complex or simple. And while it is true that the quality of native apps for iOS or Android are hard to replicate, but hybrid apps come very close. Considering hybrid apps' high usability across all platforms, and the significant time and money saved during the development process, many organizations feel that choosing hybrid over native is a no-brainer.

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