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Web Interface Design

What does a successful business application and an effective organizational system have in common? Both share a sleekly-designed web interface that creates a positive user experience.

A few words about web interface design

Every application and digital system has a web interface – an area where users can interact with the system on a screen. This interface allows random and registered users to perform certain actions on the application or system that they are using, and to conduct a results-driven digital interaction.

Introducing UX and UI

Web interface design is a world with a unique set of rules, which are mostly based on UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). UX designers define the interface's general outline, from the number of screens and type of commands and functions to general app flow – in accordance with the desired user journey. UI designers implement the design from A to Z – colors, icons, logos, buttons and more. They are also in charge of micro-copy implementation.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Over the years, abra Web & Mobile has designed countless web interfaces for a wide range of applications and systems. Want to learn more? Let's talk!

Web interface design – what should we keep in mind?

At abra Web & Mobile, before we begin the development stage, we focus our efforts on learning, researching and planning. One of the most important steps is to define the target audience who will be using the web interface. Once we figure that out, we can design the interface to meet their needs.

The second thing we focus on is creating a constant dialogue with the development department. Our designers' ability to understand and implement complex code creates a firm foundation for web systems that look and work better, Fortunately, our design studio and development teams work together in the same office, and therefore our dialogue is seamless and effective.

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