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Angular Development

abra Web & Mobile's developers rely on Angular's high-quality infrastructure to develop advanced and flexible apps for a multitude of users. Angular development is an art, and the abra Web & Mobile team has mastered the artistry.

A few words about Angular Development

Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that facilitates the development of super-fast, highly-responsive, high-performance apps. Angular was established by Google in 2010, and is maintained by a large community of developers.

What's the deal with all the Angular versions?

Every few months, a new version of Angular is released. As of early 2021, the most recent version is Angular 11. Because Angular has several versions, we make sure to work with the most updated version. Sometimes, companies with apps that were developed in previous Angular versions ask us to migrate their app to the current version – and we happily comply.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Angular development is something we know a lot about. In recent years, we have developed dozens of great applications in Angular, and we’re only getting started. Want to hear more about Angular development? Let's talk!

Is there a difference between Angular, React and Vue.js?

There is a lot of confusion concerning the differences between Angular, React and Vue.js. They're all leading app development platforms, so how different can they be, right? Wrong. There are some major differences.

Let's start at the beginning. Angular's infrastructure was developed by Google. React was developed by Facebook. Vue.js was created by an independent community of developers, who continue to reinforce it to this day.

There's also an age difference. Angular was developed before React and Vue.js. It was there first.

Last but not least, there's the development experience. Most developers feel more comfortable learning and using Vue.js and React, than Angular. The Angular experience is a little more complicated, but that's because it is extremely robust and has more tools to create amazing applications.

So, why choose Angular development?

Angular development allows developers to create applications with optimal performance, high-level responsivity and awesome speed. Angular's large development community is willing and able to help any developer who works with the Angular framework, and to provide him or her with tools and consultation. That is a huge advantage.

But what is also cool about Angular is its development interface, which is divided into components. We won’t drive you crazy with technical descriptions, but we will say that Angular's interface is very unique, and allows developers to create quality code with very few mistakes or bugs. The client's product has everything to benefit.

What applications should I develop in Angular?

Angular can be used to develop web and mobile apps, which work seamlessly on all devices. Many developers from all over the world choose Angular as their platform of choice for app development for large organizations. Angular's capabilities are ideal for large and strong applications, with long lifecycles, that require flexibility alongside high performance.

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