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Software Development

Software Development is our specialty. We develop web and mobile software for leading organizations – including groundbreaking companies that are on their way to conquering the world.

A few words about Software Development

Software development is a pretty broad concept. Today, many organizations and businesses need to develop software, an app or a system that can help them grow, measure performance, empower their employees, serve their customers, and more. To do that, they need to collaborate with a company that specializes in software development – like abra Web & Mobile. This is where we come in. Hi there!

What software are we talking about?

At abra Web & Mobile, we develop a wide range of software, systems and apps. Over the years, we developed command & control systems for industrial powerhouses, internal portals for employees and managers, software that measures and analyzes complex data, systems for event registration and management, software for medical clinic management, apps for diverse users, flight booking systems and more. Our past and current clients include the leading companies in the market, from EL AL and the Tel Aviv Municipality to Teva, Salesforce and many others.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Software development is what we're great at. We offer our clients one-stop-shop services, from front-end to back-end. Want to learn more? Let's set up a meeting. Talk to us. We're here for you.

Software development – the process

Software development is an orderly, structured process. The process begins with planning and defining the desired product with the client. The next stages include the system's architectural and UX/UI design. By the way, we employ our very own design studio, which specializes in UX/UI planning and implementation.

After the completion of the design stage, our developers start their engines. Our development teams include front-end experts who develop the software's UI, and back-end geniuses who write server-side code. During and after the development process, our QA team runs manual and automatic testing that identifies and fixes bugs. After the final QA round is completed, the product is delivered to the client.

Leading development tools for every scenario

There are many types of software development languages and platforms – and new tools are created on a regular basis. What does this mean for you? In a nutshell, what this means is that you can enjoy virtually endless possibilities – all you need to do is choose the development environment that fits your needs. That's what we're here for. Once we get to know you and understand your needs, we can help you choose between a native app and a hybrid app, between Angular or React development, between React Native or Flutter – and much more. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your choice will be logical, reasonable and in tune with your company's technological, financial, business and branding needs.

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