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React Development

abra Web & Mobile's developers work with React to create advanced web applications and responsive websites with mesmerizing user interfaces. React development is a highly coveted skill, and abra Web & Mobile's front-end experts are known for their expertise.

A few words about React Development

React, which was developed by Facebook, is a JavaScript-based code library for quick front-end development of advanced web applications, including responsive websites and innovative apps. Since its inception in 2013, React has established a great reputation, and rightfully so. React is an extremely capable platform for the development of flexible and user-friendly user interfaces. Over the years, React has become synonymous with high-level user experience.

What exactly is the difference between React, Angular and Vue.js?

That's a great question. These three platforms are all very popular and in high demand. If a company develops an application, its developers are probably using either React, Angular or Vue.js.

But there are major differences between the three. React is a code library developed by Facebook, Angular is a large software framework developed by Google. Like Angular, Vue.js is also a framework, but it was developed by an independent community that wanted to create an alternative – and did a pretty good job.

Where Do We Go from Here?

React development is one of our biggest passions. In recent years, our developers have created dozens of React-based web applications. Want to know more about React development? Feel like discussing apps and web platforms? That's what we're here for. Contact us today!

So why choose React development?

React development creates user interfaces for ultra-modern apps that look great and perform even better. React development is relatively simple, quick and seamless. If you're on a tight schedule, you should take that into consideration.

In addition, React is supported by a giant community of developers from all corners of the world, who offer OS solutions that every React programmer can use in his or her project.

What kind of applications should I use React for? And for whom?

React is a wonderful code library for web and mobile app development. The great user interfaces that can be developed – not to mention the relatively quick and simple development process – have made React very popular with young and dynamic companies from all market industries, including the start-up industry. That said, it is important to note that large and established corporations also use applications developed via React.

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