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Online Catalog Specification

If your company has a product catalog, then an online catalog may be the next logical step from a marketing standpoint. How do we get started? With online catalog specification.

A few words about online catalog specification

Not all internet websites look and behave the same. In this respect, online catalogs are a completely different breed. Online catalogs are websites that are used by companies to present their product portfolio to existing and potential customers. These websites are usually very visual, and include product photos or illustrations as well as relevant data such as product names, catalog numbers and short descriptions. Want an example? Just log on to your favorite online clothing store. It's probably an online catalog website.

Usually, online catalogs function like virtual stores. To build a catalog website that can help you sell your products, it is recommended to start with an in-depth online catalog specification stage. During this stage, the company's representatives meet with abra Web & Mobile's development team to plan the website's architecture, overall look & feel, the homepage, number of product pages, the about us page, and more.

Why is online catalog specification so important?

Online catalog specification is supposed to be the first step toward developing your company's online product store. Why, you ask? Because this step defines the website's goals and the ways these goals can be achieved. To do that, we must define the online catalog's target audiences – who they are, what they like, how they behave online, and more. Once we do that, we can start planning the site's user experience components and the overall design. Plus, we must make sure the website is fully responsive. The specification stage covers all thinking and planning stages, and summarizes them in a detailed spec document.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Want to build a website that will showcase your products to the world? Together, we'll conduct a professional online catalog specification that matches your needs. Let's schedule a meeting!

Online catalog specification – the keys to abra Web & Mobile's success

Online catalog specification is a process we know well. In our opinion, this process should be based on a fruitful and empowering dialogue between the client's representatives and our professional staff. We kick off the process by "talking about everything" and allowing our imagination to run free. We then examine if our dreams carry business validity and if they match our objectives. Little by little, we piece together the website's building blocks – structure, design, technologies, budgets, timetables, and more.

The entire process is a transparent collaboration between everyone involved. Needless to say, everything is documented, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises.

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