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Mobile App Specification

abra Web & Mobile is known as one of Israel's leading app development companies. What's our secret? It's simple, really. We invest in specification.

A few words about mobile app specification

Many companies feel that building a customized app can enhance their business operations, and most of them are probably right. Mobile app development is a process with many stages, from design and UX planning to front-end and back-end development, QA testing and more. But what many people don't realize is that the initial stage – also known as the mobile app specification stage – is one of the most important steps. It is the stage that defines the core of the app's personality.

Let's start from the end: mobile app specification is a process that should eventually produce a detailed specs document that guides the app development team, and helps them perform their tasks quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. To create this document, abra Web & Mobile and the clients' teams meet to discuss a variety of issues, from the app's size, its architecture, target audiences, goals and objectives, to its user experience and potential scalability.

As soon we receive all the information we need – via several effective brainstorming sessions – we start piecing together a detailed file that will guide our developers and designers every step of the way. This document includes all the decisions that were made together with the client, from the technologies we'll be using to the app's signature colors. We'll also decide whether to develop a hybrid app or invest in a native app. Last but certainly not least, we will create a tight scheduling framework to support development.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Mobile app specification is an art form that we've mastered. Our precision-based specification processes define success in the field. Want to give it a try? Talk to us. Let's schedule a meeting!

Mobile app specification – an organized and transparent process

The Mobile app specification process must be organized and transparent. If it isn't, the development process will probably take longer and be more complicated – and there's no need for that to happen. The specification process relies on smart decision-making, which in turn relies on data. Every decision – the app type, for example, or the app's level of complexity – must be based on relevant data and a list of pros and cons. Once we've delivered the data to the client, we can all sit down and make rational and professional decisions.

Every decision is also based on full transparency and optimal documentation. Process documentation saves us and our clients lots of potential confusion and setbacks. When everything is transparent, then everything else becomes much easier, and this improves the end result. We speak from experience.

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