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Node.js Development

Heloro's developers use Node.js to create a firm back-end infrastructure for the most advanced applications in the market. Node.js development is a highly coveted skill, and our developers rely on a robust toolbox to create applications that defy expectations.

A few words about Node.js development

Node.js is a JavaScript-based back-end environment that can be used, among many things, to develop web and mobile applications. Node.js code creates the foundation for browser-server communication, which is essential for every application.

Node.js is an Open-Source environment, and is faithfully maintained by a strong community of developers.

Is Node.js considered better than Python?

No. They are both great programming languages, and each one has different advantages. With Node.js, developers enjoy maximum flexibility that enables them to establish a super-scalable infrastructure. Python is less flexible, but more robust.

Where Do We Go from Here?

A lot of our back-end is based on Node.js development, which means we can offer our clients fast and highly-scalable apps that meet their needs. Want more information on Node.js. development? We're here to help. Give us a call!

So why choose Node.js development?

There are many reasons to choose Node.js development. Let's start with the fact that Node.js is a JavaScript-based environment, which is a huge advantage when you're building an app with JS-based front-end. Second, Node.js is highly functional and requires less code.

In addition, Nide.js infrastructure is fast. It can process numerous requests simultaneously. This is especially important for applications with lots of users, that update on a regular basis and aspire to present valid, real-time data.

Developers love Node.js, because it is very easy to learn and use, which in turn greatly reduces development times. Another advantage for front-end developers is the JavaScript, because it creates a seamless interface between back-end and front-end development environments. And let's not forget the huge Node.js community, which is always on call to provide tools and advice as needed.

What kind of applications should I use Node.js for?

You can develop almost any web or mobile application with Node.js. But Nod.js is an excellent choice for scalable application with multi-tier architecture that can be expanded over time. Applications that update in real-time will also benefit from the Node.js code infrastructure, due to its processing quickness.

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