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Hybrid App Development

Planning on developing an app? The choice between a hybrid app and a native app is critical. What are hybrid apps, and when should you choose them over native apps? This article answers this question and many others.

A few words about hybrid app development

Hybrid app development is an important skill in today's world. To understand why, we have to discuss the difference between hybrid apps and native apps.

As we all know, apps operate on operating systems such as Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). Once a certain company – your company, for example – decides to develop an app, it has to make sure that its app can adapt to both operating systems. How is this done? We're glad you asked.

In the Native method, we develop two versions of the app, which can be used for both operating systems. This entails managing two different projects, with two separate development teams. Every development team uses the operating system's SDK (software development kit) to develop the app.

If we decide to develop a hybrid app, then the development team uses HTML, CSS or Javascript to develop a single app that fits both operating systems.

Hybrid app development – the pros and cons

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of hybrid app development is the development process. Compared to native apps, hybrid app development utilizes less than half of the required resources (one team instead of two), which makes the process faster and easier. This is a big plus that allows many companies to develop apps quickly and cost-effectively.

The biggest drawback of hybrid app development in comparison with native app development is performance. Native apps are quicker and offer a more seamless user experience. Want a perfect app that provides optimal performance on every operating system? Go with a native app. Want a great app with terrific value for money? Choose the hybrid option.

Where Do We Go from Here?

For many organizations, hybrid app development is the wisest choice. Want to consult with the experts? Need more information? Let us know. We'll be happy to provide you with valuable data and help your team make the smartest decision.

abra Web & Mobile Helps You Make Smart Decisions

The first step in the app development process is planning. This is where all the important decisions are made. This is where you choose if your app will be a hybrid app or a native app – and which tools and frameworks should be used to develop it. This decision will take into account the resources at your disposal, the type of app you need, your target audiences, and more.

If you decide to develop a hybrid app, we will do whatever it takes to deliver the most advanced app of its kind. Our experienced development teams use cutting-edge technologies such as Ionic and Native Script to develop high-performing hybrid apps that provide "native" experiences, while cutting down on costs and development times.

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