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HTLM5/CSS3 Development

abra Web & Mobile's development teams use HTML5 and CSS3 to create applications and websites that are smart, advanced and designed to perfection. HTML5/CSS3 development is a very common practice, but few do it like abra Web & Mobile's developers can.

A few words about HTML5/CSS3 Development

Let's start with the obvious facts: HTML and CSS are the foundational building blocks of webpages and everything thar we call front-end development.

HTML is a language that marks the places in which the content should be inserted into the page, and structures the relationship between different content elements. Just imagine an architectural blueprint of a house or a building. CSS, on the other hand, is a language that is in charge of how the webpage actually looks. It defines all design components, from colors and fonts to angles and shades.

Together, HTML and CSS set firm coordinates regarding how websites and applications look. The different browsers read the code and translate it into everything that we are used to viewing on our screens.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, which was initially launched way back in the 90's. HTML5 is a markup language that aims to define the basic structure of webpages and app screens. These definitions are called "tags". Naturally, the current version of HTML is designed for today's advanced digital environments, which include mobile devices, responsivity, accessibility, SEO optimization and numerous multimedia components.

Where Do We Go from Here?

HTML5/CSS3 development comes natural to us. We live and breathe front-end development, and therefore know everything there is to know about HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Have an idea for a new website? Want to develop a cutting-edge app? We'll love to learn more and offer our insights. Let's schedule a meeting!

What is CSS3?

CSS3 is the most up-to-date version of CSS. CSS3 helps developers build HTML's visual layout in ideal fashion, while taking colors, fonts and other visual elements into careful consideration. Like HTML, CSS was also originally launched in the 90's. CSS3 responds to today's development needs, which are changing at a frantic pace.

abra Web & Mobile – The HTML5/CSS3 Experts

abra Web & Mobile's experts bring added value to any front-end and HTML5/CSS3 project. We use methodologies that are based on the Pixel Perfect method, in order to create the most accurate and advanced apps and websites. In addition, when it comes to CSS, we enhance our skills by using advanced preprocessors such as Less and SCSS.

Every browser and device translate HTML and CSS a little differently; our skilled developers are adept at creating websites and apps that perform to perfection on all existing browsers. Add speed, creativity and tons of experience, and you've got a team that accepts every challenge and is accustomed to defying expectations.

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