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Enterprise Portal Specification

abra Web & Mobile has tons of experience in organizational system and enterprise portal development. To ensure a successful result, the first step has to be enterprise portal specification.

A few words about enterprise portal specification

Before we delve into enterprise portal specification, we should first understand what an enterprise portal is. A portal is an internal organizational system that serves certain position holders – or all of the organization's employees – and allows them to perform certain tasks. Here are a few examples: a salary system, an internal employee communication system, an HR system, an internal CRM system, and more.

Why is enterprise portal specification so important?

It would not be an overreaction to state that the most important step in the enterprise portal development system is the specification stage. This stage defines the system's designation, but it also does much more. The enterprise portal specification stage defines the desired user experience, the necessary functions, the system's general architecture and design, its target users, etc. This process will determine the course and complexity of the development process, the number of developers allocated for the project, the types of technologies used, and more.

Without preliminary enterprise portal specification, the development team will lack the proper guiding coordinates. In fact, the specification process is the glue that binds the client's wishes to the developers' capabilities. It is a process that starts with dialogue, continues with brainstorming sessions, and ends with a formal spec document.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Want to develop an enterprise portal? Interested in a system that meets your needs? That is what we're here for. We'll we happy to help you develop the best enterprise portal for your company. Let's talk!

The key to success: listening, knowledge and resources

At abra Web & Mobile, we take the enterprise portal specification stage very seriously. This is where we learn about your company and its capabilities, wishes and needs. It is also where we rely on our vast experience to create fruitful dialogue that breeds new ideas and paints a clear picture of how the system should look like and operate.

At the end of the day, enterprise portal specification is where we pool our resources together. We strive to tap into your team's professional knowledge and bring our own tech expertise into play. They key to success is an open and empowering dialogue. How do we do it? Leave that to us

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