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Software Development Technologies

At abra Web & Mobile, we are driven by innovation. We develop new technological solutions for our clients, which help them grow and succeed. How do we do it? By understanding technologies, and by cultivating relationships.

A few words about software development technologies

We are a tech company that specializes in solution development. We use the most advanced proven technologies to define, design and develop systems and applications that propel our clients forward. What's our secret? First of all, we employ leading professionals with a great approach to service. Second, we manage diverse development teams that can handle any challenge. And third, we live and breathe technology.

The technologies we use

We are a one-stop-shop company. When it comes to the development process, we can do it all – and do it very well. The following list will provide a taste of the advanced technological tools we use on a regular basis:

  • Front-end technologies: We are front-end champions. Our development teams use Angular, Vue.js and React to develop web and mobile applications that look great and offer amazing user experiences.

  • Back-end technologies: When it comes to server-side development, we are at the top of our game. Thanks to our Python and Node.js proficiency, our apps and systems are quick, flexible and top performing.

  • HTML5/CSS3 development: When it comes to basic yet vital tools such as HTML5 and CSS3, our developers bring true added value to the table – whether through Pixel Perfect design and development, or by using preprocessors such as Less and SCSS.

  • Hybrid app development: We are firm believers in hybrid apps. Our experts know how to develop apps in React Native and in Flutter, and create the most advanced hybrid apps – in minimum time and cost to clients.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Software development technologies are the future, and we try to stay one step ahead of the game at all times. Our tech expertise has one central goal: to make our clients better, more efficient and more successful. To fulfill out goal, we use the most innovative technologies in the market – and work with the best people in the business. Want to learn more? Let's schedule a meeting!

And that's not all…

We mentioned the fact that we are a one-stop-shop, remember? This means that we employ a design studio that can create top-class UX/UI. And we can't end this article without a few words about QA. Our QA team runs manual and automatic testing in order to identify and fix bugs throughout the development process – using advanced tools such as Selenium, Postman, Cypress, BrowserStack and more.

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