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System Design

abra Web & Mobile develops advanced web systems for Israel's leading organizations. One of the keys to our success is system design.

A few words about system design

The leading companies in the market rely on web-based systems to manage work orders, provide essential services, sell products, promote important initiatives, and more. These systems are based on advanced code and a wide assortment of hidden technological tools that correspond to one another in perfect harmony. But the systems' visible components are no less important – the user interface and its suitability to users' expectations. That is why professional system design helps systems fulfill their objectives.

System Design – What Should You Keep in Mind?

  • System design – especially complex system design – is an expertise that takes many years to master. Not every design studio that specializes in UX/UI can do it. If you want to develop a new system, go with the experts.

  • Always take customer journey into consideration. This is the route that the user should use while logged on to your system. Once you have defined your customer journey, your design should support the cause. That's what UX experts are for.

  • Your brand has assets. These assets include your logo, colors and perhaps even custom fonts. We recommend integrating them into the system design. Your system should speak your brand's language.

  • Make sure to stay involved during the design process. Ask to understand how the system behaves on different computer and smartphone screens. Ask to see design blueprints, and don’t be shy about giving your opinion and asking questions. The more you communicate with the designers, the easier it will be for you to tackle the key challenges that lay ahead and enjoy a seamless and empowering process.

Where Do We Go from Here?

abra Web & Mobile manages a UX/UI studio that works side-by-side with the most talented front-end developers in the market. Want to get to know our studio? Interested in viewing some of the advanced systems we designed for Israel's leading companies? Let's talk. We'd love to meet your team!

When front-end development meets advanced system design

Front-end development is the system design's best friend – and vice versa. These are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, it is code development for the system's visual components. On the other hand, it is sleek design that is meant to be highly functional. The most successful systems enjoy front end development that understands design, and design that corresponds with code. That is why maintaining a dialogue between design and development departments is so valuable. At abra Web & Mobile, that is exactly what we are doing. Our designers and developers work side by side, collaborating every step of the way.

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