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Web System Specification

Web systems are everywhere, and just about every organization uses them. abra Web & Mobile specializes in web system specification, which leads to precision-based, cost-effective development.

A few words about web system specification

Before we talk about web system specification, we should discuss the concept of web systems. Web systems are computerized systems that operate online, and that can be accessed via an internet connection. Web systems include ERP and CRM systems, web portals for employees and much more. They can be found everywhere, especially after the cloud revolution that has taken everyone by storm in recent years.

So, what is web system specification? Glad you asked. When an organization is interested in developing a web system, you can't just rush to development. Every organization has unique needs, and every system has different ways of addressing these needs. In order to develop the system that matches these requirements, we must kickstart a process called web system specification.

Web system specification – why is it so important?

The spec stage is the stage where we "lay everything on the table" – thoughts, ambitions, goals, objectives, target audiences, desired functions and more – and try to piece everything together into a plan that will guide our developers during the development process. In the end, after we're done brainstorming, we'll deliver a detailed spec document that contains all the relevant information on the new web system that we are planning to build. This info includes functions, visual elements, goals, scalability, user engagement parameters and more. Once we hand the document to the development team, they will be given a green light to create their magic.

The most successful web systems – from the largest enterprise system to the smallest app – all rely on a precision-based specification stage. Without the specification stage, the system development process will be prone to inaccuracies and lags – and chances are the system won't be able to live up to its potential.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Want to develop a web system that will support your organization? We'll be happy to discuss your needs and share valuable information. To schedule a meeting, contact us today.

The keys to success: an open and professional dialogue

At abra Web & Mobile, we feel it is important to manage the best possible web system specification process. That is why we make sure to conduct an open and professional dialogue with our clients throughout and after the process. During the spec stage, our team listens to the client's demands, provides insightful input, and generates brainstorming sessions that lead to smart and practical solutions.

Years of experience have taught us that the specification stage is an important foundation for any product's success. Our developers have developed dozens of successful web systems that have helped organizations from all market sectors achieve ambitious business objectives. And it all starts at the beginning, with smart specification.

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